PRESS COMMUNICATION - sknife: A decade of excellence

Biel, 2024 - sknife proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary as a pioneer of Swiss knife craftsmanship! For the past decade, the Biel-based knife manufacturer has epitomized precision and perfection. Adorned with 4 international design awards, the sknife knives are set on the table in the world's most prestigious hotels and restaurants with over 200 Michelin stars.

 Download the product shots here.

Press communication and lifestyle images:

sknife Michael-Bach CEO Founder Biel-Bienne (jpg)
sknife Handskizze Steakmesser Biel (jpg)
sknife Steakbesteck TableWare Award Biel (jpg)
sknife Special-Edition Steakmesser Biel (jpg)
sknife Limited-Edition Taschenmesser Biel (jpg)
sknife Taschenmesser Volldamast Diamant Biel (jpg)
sknife Messerrohling Prototyp Biel (jpg)
sknife Schmieden Biel (jpg)
sknife-industrielles-schmieden-rohlinge-emmental (jpg)
sknife-industrielles-messerschmieden-emmental (jpg)
sknife Fertigung Biel-Bienne (jpg)
sknife Taschenmesser Volldamast Fertigung Biel (jpg)
sknife-endfertigung-messermanufaktur-biel (jpg)
sknife-griffschalen-stabilisiertes-holz (jpg)
sknife-griffschalen-fraesen (jpg)
sknife-stabilisiertes-holz-neuenegg (jpg)
sknife Schleifgeraet Biel (jpg)