Material & Sustainability

Surgical steel

In the watch city of Biel is located the watch and medical industry, in which the latest steel alloys find their use. sknife uses the latest surgical steel, in which the carbon is replaced by nitrogen. This increases the corrosion resistance by a factor of 4 and makes the sknife knives ideal for use in restaurants by the sea. The high hardness of 58 HRC (range of Japanese knives) also keeps the knife sharp for a long time.

Chirurgenstahl / 4-fach höhere Korrosionsbeständigkeit / sknife / Steakmesser
Volldamast / 1600 Lagen / sknife / Taschenmesser


Both the pocket knife and the damask cutlery we work with a corrosion-resistant torrsionsdamask, which is forged from two high-quality knife steels. Only through the etching the beautiful structure comes to light.

In the steak cutlery we achieve over 1,000 layers, for the pocket knife with wooden handle 800 and for the pocket knife in full damask over 1'600 layers.


Swiss wood

Swiss wood: the walnut as well as the ash tree wood with its beautiful wood structure are both from a wood turnery in Emmental (swiss wood, FSC-certified). To make the wood durable it is infiltrated with a 100% acryl to get stabilized - this under vacuum and pressure. This procedure also changes the color of the wood. This technology is based on the latest research results from development projects together with the University of Applied Sciences in Biel. 

Stabilisiertes Holz / sknife / Messer

From a tree trunk to knife handles

Stabilized Swiss wood

Bring stabilized Swiss wood into shape

Handle milling

Sustainable packaging of the sknife knives

Wooden box milling