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Sharpening & Maintenance of the steak knife

The compact Swiss precision sharpener.

Maintaining Elegance - Cleaning
Surgical steel, damask steel and wood, the core materials of our knives, require attention and care: knives with wooden handles are not dishwasher-safe and should not be stored wet. It is best to wash high-quality knives by hand and dry them thoroughly after use. For gastronomy we offer a pot with a cut-resistant rubber mat: filled with some water, knives can be temporarily stored blade-first until they are hand-washed.

For the Perfect Edge - Sharpening
Usually, the steak knives only wear out in the front part. For this purpose, we have developed a grinding tool with two different stages. With step 1 (on the left side), the blade can be pre-sharpened: draw the blade through about 10x. Afterwards, test the sharpness of the blade using the finger nail or a piece of paper. Use stage 2 to polish the cutting edge (also draw through about 10x).

For steak knives used privately, we recommend sharpening the knives twice a year. For knives used daily (in gastronomy), they should be sharpened every two months.

To achieve a perfect grind of the knife blade, we have had fine polishing stones specially made in Japan. The pre-sharpening and the polishing stone of the sharpener correspond to a 2,000 grit grinding stone. Ideally suited for our sknife pocket knife and for high-quality kitchen knives.

Preserving the Original Beauty - Oiling
To ensure your knives stand the test of time, we recommend oiling the hand-crafted wooden handles: 2-3 times a year for home use, and every 2 months for daily use in gastronomy. Our carefully selected organic macadamia oil penetrates deeply into the wood, protects it from moisture, and enhances its natural beauty.

Durability - Surgical Steel & Stabilized Wood
The sknife knives have been in daily use for 5 years in the top restaurants and hotels on the French Riviera - the Côte d'Azur.

- Walnut wood from the Emmental (Switzerland)
- Extra fine Japanese grindstones
- Precision mechanics from Förderwerkstatt Band, Bern (Switzerland)
- Compact, easy-to-use "all in one" precision sharpener

Precision sharpener: S-S-2, CHF 159.-
(The article S-S-2 includes 1 integrated replacement grinding unit)

Care set & Precision Sharpener: S-CS-2, CHF 198.-
(The article S-CS-2 inculdes a precision sharpener with 1 integrated replacement grinding unit, an organic macadamia oil and a cotton cloth)

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Sharpening & Care Tutorial

Sharpening & Care

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Sharpening & maintenance of the pocket knife

We provide enduring sharpness of the finest quality
The Swiss precision sharpener with an integrated replacement grinding unit ensures the daily sharpness and maintenance of pocket knives. The 5-micron diamond-infused polishing leather (on the underside of the S-S-3) allows for effortless stropping, achieving razor-blade sharpness for pocket knives as well as high-quality kitchen knives at sushi chef level. The integrated ceramic stones for pre-sharpening and polishing serve as replacements and can be easily inserted into the sharpener after approximately 500 knives have been sharpened.

Precision sharpener: S-S-3, CHF 199.-
(The article S-S-3 includes 1 integrated replacement grinding unit and on the underside a diamond-infused polishing leather)