sknife Care set & Sharpener


CHF 198.00

The sknife knives with wooden handles are not suitable for the dishwasher and should not be stored wet. It is best to wash them by hand after use. To keep the wood beautiful for a long time, the handles should be oiled 2-3 times a year. Macadamia oil in organic quality is the oil that penetrates deepest into the wood and thus also provides good protection.

Usually, the knives only wear out in the front part. For this purpose, we have developed a sharpening tool with two different stages. With step 1, the blade can be pre-sharpened (pull the blade through approx. 10 times). A sheet of paper can then be used to test whether the sharpness has been restored. With step 2 (polishing stone), the cutting edge can be polished (approx. 10x). The pre-sharpening and the polishing stone of the sharpener correspond to a 2,000 grit grinding stone.

(The article S-CS-2 contains 1 set of replacement ceramic stones)

For knife enthusiasts

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