sknife chirurgical steel: pocket knives

SKU: ST-101E

CHF 599.00
Blade length: 10.0 cm
Delivery time: immediately

sknife is a knife manufacturer in Switzerland and produces in the watch city of Biel. Our knives are characterized by innovation in material and design as well as precision craftsmanship.

The pocket knife with plain bearing made of high-tech ceramics has found its way to knife collectors. The blade is made of surgical steel (4 times higher corrosion resistance, high hardness of 58 HRC) and the handles of stabilized ash or walnut wood.

The blade and the back of the blade of the pocket knife damask are made of 800 layers of torsion damask and the handles are made of stabilized wood.

For the pocket knife full damask, the blade, the back of the blade as well as the handle scales are made of corrosion-resistant damask steel with over 1,600 layers.

The purchase of the swiss pocket knife in Switzerland is legally permitted and is not subject to the Swiss Weapons Act (according to official confirmation).

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