Precision sharpener with diamond-infiltrated leather

SKU: S-S-3

$210.00 USD

The compact Swiss precision sharpener.

For the Perfect Edge 
Usually, the knives only wear out in the front part. For this purpose, we have developed a grinding tool with two different stages. With step 1 (on the left side), the blade can be pre-sharpened: draw the blade through about 10x. Afterwards, test the sharpness of the blade using the finger nail or a piece of paper. Use stage 2 to polish the cutting edge (also draw through about 10x).

To achieve a perfect grind of the knife blade, we have had fine polishing stones specially made in Japan. The pre-sharpening and the polishing stone of the sharpener correspond to a 2,000 grit grinding stone. Ideally suited for our sknife pocket knife and for high-quality kitchen knives.

- Walnut wood from the Emmental (CH)
- Extra fine Japanese grindstones
- Precision mechanics from Förderwerkstatt Band, Bern (CH)
- Compact, easy-to-use "all in one" precision sharpener
- Leather infiltrated with 5my diamond for razor blade sharpness

The preciosion sharpener S-S-3 contains 1 integrated replacement grinding unit and on the bottom side there is a 5my diamond-infiltrated leather for fine honing the blade. This produces a razor sharpness for pocket knives and high-quality kitchen knives).

For knife enthusiasts

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