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About Sknife

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Collaboration with Top Chefs

Genesis - history of origins

Since 2003 we are already the main distributor of high quality knives. The sknife knives were developed in collaboration with top chefs looking for a Swiss product of highest quality and perfection.

In 2015, sknife delivered the first steak knife. Meanwhile, the knives are in the world's best restaurants & hotels with over 200 Michelin stars and are in use by over 15 3-starred top chefs. The knives have also been awarded with 4 international design prizes.

Also the pocket knife with a plain bearing made of high-tech ceramic has found its way to knife collectors and especially the high-quality version in damask is extremely popular.

To round off the range, a one-handed, high-quality sommerliers knife is in development.


Manufactory & tour

Michael Bach: We are always asked why we produce knives in Biel. Quite simply because we manufacture knives with the precision of a watch and with a high level of craftsmanship. We want to become a place of the art of knifemaking and are pleased that more and more knife collectors are finding their way to Biel. Guided tours take place monthly. By appointment, knife enthusiasts can take a look behind the scenes to see the cutler’s manufacturing of the sknife knives.

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Material & sustainability

Surgical steel, damask, Swiss wood

sknife uses the latest surgical steel, in which the carbon is replaced by nitrogen. This increases the corrosion resistance by a factor of 4 and makes the sknife knives ideal for use in restaurants by the sea. The high hardness of 58 HRC (range of Japanese knives) also keeps the knife sharp for a long time.

Torsion damask: corrosion resistant torsion damask, forged with two high quality knife steels.

Swiss wood: the walnut wood as well as the ash wood with beautiful wood structure come from a turnery in Emmental (Swiss wood, FSC-certified).


With passion and dedication


Behind every single sknife product are longstanding employees who give their best every day with heart and passion to meet the required quality standards. A customer-oriented service quality is also lived by the sknife team every day.

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